Gabrielle & Bill | The Heitman House Fort Myers Wedding

April 30, 2018

I met Bill & Gabby when I was shooting one of my past couple’s wedding, Veronika & Danny’s wedding. They mentioned that they were getting married and I was too busy focused on the wedding on hand that we failed to stay in touch. They found me again via The Knot and we hit it off.

Bill & Gabby met in high school when she was a freshman and he was a senior. Gabby wasn’t very fawn of Bill at first but they stayed in contact and their care for one another blossomed throughout college. It wasn’t until Gabby moved back home from college that they gave it a shot and well, now we are here. At the core of their relationship is family.

Their wedding took place in one of the most popular venues in Fort Myers, the Heitman House that’s on the water. There’s a reason that it’s so popular, it’s a stunning venue.

Their day was filled with their best of friends, the most incredible of family and lots of good times. Enough of me blabbering, check it out for yourself. Too many fun moments so I made this post collage style for page reservation.

Wow you killed it! I only browsed so far but when I get home from work I’m so excited to look thru them one by one. I’ll say it again – you’re the best! We love you!!

— Gabby Reiman via Email