Danny + Jen

December 15, 2016

“Hernan is top of the line! There is a reason his photography stands out – he is a truly caring person. People throw around words like genuine and authentic a lot, but Hernan is the epitome of such praise. My wife and I did an engagement shoot with Hernan up in Chicago. Even though it was our first time meeting in person, immediately we felt like we were just hanging out with a friend and we still keep in touch often with Hernan today. We are so thankful to have received such great pictures and equally so a great friend.”

— Danny [Groom]

Danny & Jen are one of the most stylish couples i’ve ever met. They run this awesome Chicago instagram (@everydayurban) where they post about Chicago living and every day things. We grabbed a coffee and then hit the street during the first snowfall (aka blizzard) of the season! I could not have been any happier because of how amazing the night looked. For someone who has never seen snow or experienced an actual winter, the cold did not bother me at all. Even when I busted my ass doing downstairs haha! Check out this session and enjoy!