Josh + Loryn | East Lyme Connecticut Destination Wedding

November 19, 2017

“Hernan is an amazing person and photographer. He is very good at what he does. He gave us some stunning pictures of our day! He also got pictures of me with my father that mean everything to me now, since my father has now sadly passed. You somehow managed to make everything look flawless! For that I cannot thank you enough! We highly recommend our friend Hernan!!!! ”

— Josh [Groom]

Josh met Loryn when he walked into her sister’s restaurant while she was there helping around. She interested him very much but he took a little longer to say something. He started coming in more and more and then become the restaurants favorite customer. They dated and soon after, things just felt perfect. Perfect for one another.

Not many people truly enjoy their big day to the fullest but these two really did. I honestly have never hands down felt such an amazing overall sense of love and appreciation than this wedding of theirs. There was not a moment, besides the emotional ones, and even then, when you could feel the energy. I felt wanted and not needed and as a hired vendor, these things just pass your mind but they made it an effort to allow myself to truly enjoy my time with them.

The story has a little more back story than needed but hey that’s who I am, a rumbler. Anyways I met Josh & Loryn by a mutual friend in the industry. She connected us and we video chatted since at the time I was living in Naples and Josh & Loryn were living in Fort Lauderdale.

Josh & Loryn, thank you so much for entrusting me with your big day. Thank you and your family for taking me along all the awesome things I got to do while I was with you all. I had a blast.

The song in this blog post is that of the one that they danced their last dance to at their wedding. Press play and enjoy.