Kasi, Elliot & Frankenstein

February 19, 2018

If it’s one thing I am always down for, it’s people bringing their pups along to their sessions. French bulldog owners are a special breed of people. We love, treat and care them like real children. I literally take Benson everywhere I go. With the exception of some traveling due to the stress of it all. 

Kasi & Elliot are originally from SWFL and when I got their inquiry I was so stoked to be meeting other locals from where I basically grew up. Elliot worked in Naples. It really is a small world when you truly realize how close everyone is.

They met at a party where they were invited by two separate friends. They hit it off. But the story didn’t pick back up until about 2 months later when they ran into one another. This time, fate did what it does best.

Kasi had been wanting a Frenchie for so long and would text Elliot photos of puppy all the time, he would simply just push it aside. Until one day Kasi send him a photo of Franky and it was game over. We meet up in Ybor. Grabbed some coffee and hit the streets of this beautiful historic side of Tampa. If you have not done so already, press play on the music bar above & enjoy!