Little Red Riding Hood

December 14, 2016

Sometimes we as artist need to take time to explore our creative minds and exercise that side of the brain in order to stay creative. I personally have never seen snow in my entire 25 years of life so when it started snowing the weekend that I landed in Chicago, my mind was blown! I know so many of you do not like the cold and hate the snow. Me, I came into Chicago with the mindset that I want to experience everything that the cold has to offer! Luckily for me I have friends who are freaking models and are willing to take on a spontaneous adventure with me on a whim! My friend Andrea mentioned me to that there is this amazing forest just an hour north of where we were staying and she said that we should go there and check it out. So we did. And well here are the result of perfect timing and amazing friends.


Gosh I need to grab a friend and go here again! These are gorgeous!

The last one!!

Beautiful session H


I love these, especially the ones of her running in the forest…and the one with her whipping with the snowflakes. Snow is fun