Miami Trump Protest | Photographic Journalism Post

November 12, 2016

Yesterday I decided last minute that I would drive to Miami and document history as it unfolds. As a photographer and human rights activist, I was compelled to do so. I am honored to have been able to live in such a historical time in our countries history. Something told me that I had to go out and document, unbiasedly, history. So I packed up and went.

Last night was crazy to say the least.
My blood was pumping, and the passion from the people was simply energizing and contagious! From what I saw there was nothing but a peaceful movement. I want to publicly thank the police officers who helped make this a nonviolent movement and helped everyone last night. I heard so many people thanking them as well.  Here is the first part of photographs I managed to edit before my wedding today. The rest will come later tonight.

Update 2:

So after my wedding yesterday and driving 2 hours north. I woke up this morning at 5 and could not sleep so I decided to wrap up the remaining photos from the protest. Here is part 2.