Peace & Anaís | Surprise Proposal on Indian Rock Beach

June 3, 2019

I’m screaming because I must be freaking dreaming ✨

A little backstory on how this all went down.
So Anaís’ mom follows me on Instagram, hey @superwominluna💛.
She reached out and sent me an inquiry on behalf of her daughter Anaís.
She was going to be getting proposed to. 

We grabbed a drink at Armature Works were she told me all about her daughter @anaisinfinity and her boyfriend @buildingwithpeace . How they met and just how much she loved her daughter and she wanted to document this moment for her, the best way she could hence why she reached out 😭.

We bonded over our 🇵🇷Latino roots 🇲🇽, our love for our family and my mom. I saw so much of my mom in Ruby and since my mom now lives in Mexico, I got choked up talking about her. It’s so funny how the universe brings people into your life to help you balance yourself out. And sometimes that just a small chat with a stranger and in this case it was a chat with Ruby. I miss my mom terribly but I know she’s happy, and that’s all I care about. Thank you so much Ruby, for letting me be a part of this moment with you all. I genuinely cannot express how much I loved hanging with your family and friends.

Family is everything but a mother’s love for their child is legitimately cosmic 🌙

If it’s one thing I want you all to leave with is this. In life, we are given certain cards. Some may be our disadvantage, but if you use that to your advantage you will be just fine. Surround yourself with likeminded people. Friends who unconditionally love you, trust you and don’t break you down. This life will beat you to a pulp if you allow it to but when you have those people around you, you will be just fine.
Hi, my name Hernan and I am talking from personal experience. I am you friend, I want nothing from you and everything for you.

Don’t forget to press play and enjoy ✨
PS: He proposed with the ring Anais’ dad proposed to her mom with 😭💛