Sheelu & Nick | Chicago Engagement Session

August 28, 2019

My favorite city in the entire world is Chicago. I know i know, lame but let me explain why in a few words. IT”S TRUE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THE MIDWEST!
No seriously, I have never been so welcomed in my entire life as much as I was when I first went to Chicago. What the photography world promotes is community over competition but the reality is that so many people don’t do that. But in Chicago, it is exactly that. It’s a community. I met Sheelu and Nick from a wedding planner friend
(shout out to my homie Georgette from PeaToTree Events http://www.peatotree.com/)
Sheelu, Nick and I immediately hit it off. We started in the iconic downtown area where this mural is at. Went al over downtown and the pocket neighborhoods they love so much. There is nothing but positive things I can say about this engagement session. Check it out for yourselves!