Restoration in the Wild

June 4, 2016

“One day I’ll look back and smile because this was my life, and I lived it.”

This adventure started off as an incredible road trip with some amazing friends. Met up with everyone in Charleston, grabbed some drinks and things took a turn for the worst. A lot happened, a lot was blown out of proportion. Some didn’t take responsibility for their actions and others, well, they don’t know anything because they weren’t there. Judging anyone over something you heard or were told shows a lot about who you are. I never need to say anything about anyone, primarily because they usually sell themselves pretty easily, so let them. I know that in my life, I will find people who simply do not like me. And that’s okay. While they are burning themselves out on that hate, I am over here pushing forward and making moves. You don’t phase me. 

With that said, the rest of the trip was pretty amazing. The mountains, the falls, my friends and the soul cleansing.

People go on adventures for different reasons. Whether it’s to vacation or to runaway from the world temporarily, what ever their reason, I hope you all got what you came out for. Personally, I came to South Carolina to heal the last bits of my life from the damage that was inflicted on it. Every location we went, every moment that turned into a memory, every friend, helped rebuild what was broken, piece by piece. In life you will find harm, there is no way around it. It comes in many forms. False friends, heart broken lovers and every day humans who are just so damaged from their past that they simply cannot move on. You can try to avoid them, but why extended the inevitable? It’s these experiences that shape you into the person you will become. Take all it has to offer but remember that the outcome after the damage is solely up to you. Whether you want to continue the cycle of hurting others because you are hurting or learn from those experiences and choose differently. The choice is ultimately yours to make. Live a life that you will be happy to have lived in 50 years. Where are you right now, is it making you happy? Who are you with right now, are they making you happy? Is that happiness going to last or will it die down when you realize that it was a temporary fix to a much bigger problem? Don’t let someone ruin your life while you are building theirs. If something is not okay with you (i.e. their behavior, their actions, their choices towards you…etc), then it should not be okay with your person. 

There is a cinema of the trip at the very end of the photographs :] let me know what you think in the comments below. 

A great friend of mine is an incredible poet who’s writing is gold. I will leave you all this is.

“It’s time to start obsessing over you. Say this to yourself often.
You’re everything to me. I love you and I want to take care of you,
because you were blessed with this existence, this beautiful time on Earth.
So I’m going to remind you now and forever that you’re worth it,
that your purpose echoes through infinite forests.
Without a peep, your soul will be heard, if you love it and let it be.”
– anonymous 

Special Thanks:

To my good friend Tyler, who I photographed way too much on this trip haha! Sometimes you meet people who connect with you instantly and you feel like you kind of have known from somewhere before but can’t remember. Thanks for your friendship, your kind soul, compassion and your understanding.

To my amazing friend Anthony. Who is way too generous and I personally hate when people pay for my shit. Let me pay for something some time man! Still extremely thankful. You truly are an incredible person and I am a strong believer that you will get “paid” back tenfold. Wether that is in actual currency or opportunities, it will come back to you.

To the Sopp Family, thank you so much for welcoming us to your home with open arms. If you are ever in Naples, please don’t hesitate to reach out, you’re more than welcomed to stay at my place! Thank you for taking us into downtown and sharing the good times with us! I hope you all are doing great, miss you baby Sopp!


My friends are the family I choose to have in my life, to share the good times, and the bad. I have a lot of acquaintances, but very little friends. Thank you for being part of an epic journey with me, you’ve made my life that much richer for being a part of it.

thanks Anthony! Thank you for your amazingly kind heart 🙂

I absolutely love your words and your photos. Beautiful.

Thanks Stephanie! We need to meet up again soon