Stephen + Jennifer | Longboat Key Florida Wedding

October 27, 2017

“Let me make this very simple for you. If you are lucky enough to have Hernan available for your wedding date, book him immediately!! He is absolutely amazing…truly world class. What can you expect from Hernan? First and foremost, the most beautiful photos of your wedding. And I’m talking about classy, artistic, fashion magazine-caliber pictures. My (now) wife and I are from NYC and have many artistic, photographer friends. Hernan is the best of the bunch. Second, you can expect amazing service. Hernan always made a point to respond on the same day of ANY inquiry or call. This level of responsiveness is impressive considering how busy he is and how important it is for you to coordinate all the moving parts of your special day. Third, you can expect a caring person who understands how important this decision and day is to you….and who reciprocates with equal care to make sure your day is perfect. As evidence, I think it’s appropriate to describe just how much Hernan cares. My wife and I had a specific photo scene we wanted midway through the wedding. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans the evening of our wedding. Hernan gladly traveled multiple hours the following day just to make sure we were able to capture this one specific photo!! How caring and amazing is that? I know you have many choices for photographers and it can be quite stressful. But if you are lucky enough to book Hernan, it will be a decision you will be grateful to have made forever!!”

— Stephen [Groom]

What do you when you are so madly in love that you just can’t contain it? Well these two right here, they flew to France and eloped because why not, its France! After eloping in Europe they decided they wanted their families to take part in their magical day so they had an intimate wedding out in Longboat Key at the amazing Zota Beach Resort.

Their day came, hurricane season being upon us, and we had an uninvited Hurricane Harvey just off the coast giving us floods and rain storms throughout the day. Some things that photographers really don’t want to tell their brides is that they are actually really stoked when there is stormy weather because photos. You get the most incredible shots during storms.

The day was relaxed and filled with love. Stephen and Jennifer wanted something romantic and different so I suggested that they get ready together and just enjoy reliving their day. And that’s just what happened. This magical, stormy Florida wedding is hands down one of my favorites to date. But enough of me talking, press play and enjoy their day.

Okay, so me being a photographer, I shoot weddings in all sorts of places but hands down. The hospitality of Zota and their staff towards me is the most amazing experience I have ever had with a venue/hotel. They treated me like a guest and they know how to prove some serious service!