It’s not always so B&W

January 23, 2017

So my favorite thing about online photography groups is the endless amount of people who always have be the ones who are always right. Or the debunkers of how easy things are done. Cool, I am so glad that you have so much time on your hands to work on other artist work. I wish I had that much free time nowadays.

This year I have made it a conscious effort to do more personal projects for myself and my creative soul. This video is of one of my most recent personal projects that and the video is on how much goes on for me personally to create something. Personal projects allow for me to continue to keep my creative stream flowing. I hope you guys enjoy this!


Incredible! So talented!

Awesome work Hernan! I’ve always wanted to learn how to create beautiful pieces like this. Next time we meet how about an afternoon crash course 🙂

Love this! do you mind me what preset in Alien Skin you worked from?

Hey Mattie!

I usually mess around with the swatches to get a look I want, I don’t base them off one of the Alien Skin presets. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help :/