Leo + Deneé | Tampa Florida Wedding

November 10, 2017

“We loved working with Hernan and we would recommend him to anyone! He is an amazing photographer and we have the photos to prove it! We have had so many friends and family compliment our wedding photos with the word “stunning”. He has a talent for capturing the perfect moment and then taking it to another level. The photos speak for themselves. He also takes a more personable approach when getting to know his clients. Whether if its dinner and drinks or just a meeting at a coffee shop, he forms real friendships, making the client/photographer relationship less formal and more fun. If you are looking for someone who sincerely cares about your photos, and the experience that comes with them, Hernan is the photographer for you! Five starts all the way!”

-Leo & Deneé

Over a year ago I was in Chicago and I just wrapped up an engagement session when I got this email from this amazing couple who surprisingly enough were located in Chicago but were getting married in Tampa.

We emailed back and fourth and planned to meet up the following Sunday, the last night I was in the Chicago. This was the first blizzard of the season and I’d never seen snow prior to this trip, yet alone a blizzard haha! So that Sunday I wrapped up a few shoots in the city and jumped onto the next bus to the coffee shop where we were meeting up. The bus was running late due the snow and I started running once I got to the next stop. I ran and finally saw the coffee shop. So as you might have guessed I couldn’t stop as I latched onto the door and slid and busted my ass haha!

I got up, brushed myself off and walked into the shop only to be so embarrassed to noticed that Deneé & Leo just saw me. Anyways! We chatted and really hit it off and from there our friendship started. 

As their day was approaching, things got a little messy but I always say and believe that things happen for a reason. A venue change within a month’s notice. Some new friends to help out and an amazing day unfolded.

Guys, these two, the way Leo looks at Deneé and being surrounded by people who truly admire the people around them. WILD. This wedding was goals because of the entire experience over all. Okay so enough of me blabbering on here is their day, push play and enjoy!