How to get Instagram Worthy Engagement Photos ✨

April 18, 2018


✨So he put a ring on it 💍


 Ybor City Tampa Florida Engagement Photography Kasi, Elliot at Blind Tiger Coffee

Time for some serious engagement inspiration pregame!

The ring is on your finger and now the planning begins. You’re looking at your venue, your florist and dress. But the single most important thing to not overlook is your photography. You want to be able to get the most incredible moments captured so that you can over share for months on end #sorrynotsorry #engaged #foreverobsessed #myphotographerisbetterthanyours. You want to be able to look back in a year, 5 years, decades beyond and still want to show off your photographs.

Here are a few things to help you get those instagram worthy photographs that you deserve on your big day and your engagement photos.

I am going to be real with you. In order for you to look amazing in your engagement photos, you must first look like the best you. So go get your hair done. Go pamper yourselves before hand. If you are not good with makeup, go to a professional. Get your nails done, you know for those ring shots haha. I can’t tell you how big of a difference a session can go when you get your hair & makeup done. I personally do not know but for women it’s a huge confidence boost when you get your hair & makeup done. 
💫Ride that high all the way to your engagement session. ✨

 Jeanneane & John's Downtown Tampa Engagement session - Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Stay hydrated and cooled! We don’t realize it but if your session is outdoors, it get’s hot and we neglect ourselves and don’t hydrate enough. The last thing you want to overheat yourself and sweat your butt off. Sweaty pits are the worst and sweaty foreheads come right after haha. Be mentally prepared for this. Don’t expect things to be 100% a certain way because the weather changes on its own.

I always ask my couples questions before our session date to get to know them a little better. Who they are as people than just another couple. What do they like to do on their days off? If they have pets. BRING THEM! Puppies always make a session so much more fun. They also help with bringing out those genuine smiles and laughs. What are some of your favorite spots in the area that you’re shooting? If it’s not in an urban area and you’re gonna hit the mountains or the ocean side. Why? What do you love about the location that you have chosen. It just helps to get on your level and have a feel for what you are looking for. Remember, at the end of the day this is a collaboration between you and your photographer. I want to make sure that you get more than just beautiful photographs. I want you to truly love everything about them.

 Samantha & Patrick having a pillow fight in their in-home engagement session in Seminole Heights Tampa Florida

Be well rested! The night before your session, have your clothes laid out for the morning or the evening, whichever time you have communicated with your photographer to shoot. This will help so that you are not over thinking or looking for your outfit(s). If you need help selecting your outfits or style, I have a style guide that I give out to all my clients. It helps them and myself because then I know that I can give them the best of the best that I can do. I DON’T DO HIGHLIGHTER COLORS AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! Neon colors are simply gross and those colors bounce off your clothes and onto your skin and will create a color balance battle. Trust me, if you need help, simply ask your photographer.

Now a days, pretty much everyone owns a pet! So if you have a dog, bring them! If you have a cat, let’s do an in-home session! Do you have a turtle? No problem bring them too haha! JK I really don’t know how uncomfortable that would be for them. But DOGS. DOGS always make sessions so much more fun. Sometimes pups don’t listen too well but don’t stress, let them dictate the show. It will work so much better in your favor. BRING TREATS & TOYS! It’s a great way to get your doggos to listen when they are being too wild! But again I cannot recommend bringing them along!

 Jared, Olivia & their fur baby Chip the Dalmatian laying around for their in-home session!


I cannot stress this enough.

Unless your friend, your cousin or your mom’s friend’s son is legit professional photographer don’t go the “FREE” or “CHEAP” route. Do some serious research for one. It comes down to experience. An experience photographer will know how to photograph you and make you comfortable in front of their lens. When choosing one for your big day and engagement photos, do your homework. Check out their website, their instagram. Look through their portfolio! What are their reviews? Does their style match you or what you’re looking for? If the answer is yes, then hit them up! Remember that for every bride that inquires with them, there’s usually at least one other who’s asking for your date as well. So don’t wait too long. Also don’t string your photographer along. If you’re not on the market for one right away, let them know that you’re basically window shopping. But don’t get upset when they book your date! When you have found the one, set up a meeting. I know some photographer don’t meet and that’s okay if that’s okay with you. We understand that you’re busy just as much as we are. So if we don’t need formalities and you know that you want that photographer, book them! But you’re like me, and you want to get to know the person behind the email, set up a coffee, cocktail or pizza meet 🍕😜. It’s a great way to see if you all connect. Remember, this is the person who will be with you, most likely on your big day, along side your engagement photos!

 Raleigh & Mary embracing one another on Bayshore Blvd in Tampa Florida during Golden Hour

Communication is KEY!

So you booked your photographer! ✨🎉Ahh! GREAT!🎊 Now keep the communication between the both of you straight to the point. If you have concerns about something, ie weather or locations. Email them about it, they will most likely already have plan B,C,D,E & F. Did you see something on Pinterest and you want to replicate it?! Ask your photographer, typically we do not go off Pinterest boards or pins but if you really really really want it, I personally don’t care. I will do it, unless it’s super outdated haha. And if we do, I will just ask you to not tag me in it if you post it LMFAO!


So you’re booked. You’re ready to see some Tampa, Chicago & NYC engagement and couple portraits to help you when you hit the scene for your engagement session. I hope you guys enjoy dogs as much as I do because there’s a whole lotta pups haha! 

So again here is your check list:

  • Get Hair & Make-Up done professionally if you can’t do it yourself with confidence 💇💅
  • Stay Hydrated 🚰 and cooled ❄️
  • Have locations in mind – if you don’t have any, ask for recommendations from your photographer
  • Be Well Rested 💤🛌
  • Bring your pet(s)! 🐕🐶
  • Pick the right PROFESSIONAL photographer, someone you really connect with! 📸
  • Stay Communicative with your Photographer ✉️📧
  • If you have questions please let your photographer know, I am sure they would want to know what your concerns are so that they can help you!
  • Be willing to do just about anything – full cooperation is key and sometimes we tell you to do things that are flat out dumb but it’s for a good reason 😜 
  • Pizza🍕🍕🍕 – It’s always a good idea! 

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